• Battery is one of the important components of 500kw diesel generator set. Before we choose battery, we should know first its function in diesel generator set.


    What is function of battery for diesel generator set?


    1.  The battery is mainly used to start the diesel engine. There are one or more starting motors on the side of the diesel engine. They use DC 24 V (some small diesel generator sets will use DC 12V) to drive the starting motor to start the diesel engine.


    2. To monitor the power supply, which is the power frequency alternating current (AC). The frequency of AC power is 50Hz and 60Hz, which is commonly used in various countries in the world. The distribution of civil AC voltage varies from 100 V to 380 V, and the domestic genset room generally use three-phase 380V) and the conditions of diesel oil, engine oil and coolant should meet the starting requirements before starting the diesel engine.


    3. It is used for excitation (some types of diesel engines need to be excited after starting).


    What are types of commonly used battery?


    1. Maintenance free battery

    Due to the advantages of its own structure, the consumption of electrolyte of maintenance free battery is very small, so It is not necessary to add distilled water within the service life. It also has the characteristics of shock resistance, high temperature resistance, small volume and small self discharge. The service life of the battery is generally twice that of the ordinary battery. There are also two kinds of maintenance free batteries on the market: the first one is to add electrolyte at the time of purchase, and then there is no need to maintain it when using; the other is that the battery itself has been added with electrolyte and sealed when it leaves the factory, so the user can't add the supplementary liquid at all.


    2. Ordinary battery

    The plate of ordinary battery is composed of lead and lead oxide, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its main advantages are stable voltage and low price, while its disadvantages are low specific energy (i.e. the energy stored in per kilogram battery), short service life and frequent routine maintenance.


    3.Dry charged battery

    Its full name is dry-type charged lead-acid battery. Its main feature is that the negative plate has a high storage capacity. In a completely dry state, it can keep the electricity obtained within two years. When using, it only needs to add electrolyte and wait for 20-30 minutes to use.


    4. Wet charged battery

    A battery in which the plates are charged with a small amount of electrolyte, and most of the electrolyte is sucked into the separators and plates for storage.


    Which type of battery is better?


    Due to the maintenance free battery in normal use conditions, there is no need to add electrolyte in the process of use. The self discharge is only 1/8~1/6 of that of ordinary battery, so it can be stored in wet condition for a long time. The internal resistance is small and has good starting performance at room temperature and low temperature. Under the same charging voltage and temperature, the overcharge current of the maintenance free battery is smaller than that of the ordinary lead-acid battery, and the current is close to zero after full charge, which basically does not volatilize water and consumes little electrolytic water. There is no corrosion or slight corrosion of the battery pole. Heat resistance, good vibration resistance, long service life, generally more than 4 years, more than 2 times the service life of ordinary batteries. Therefore, at present, the manufacturers of diesel generator sets recommend customers to choose maintenance free batteries.


    How to choose size of battery?


    First of all, the battery has two important indicators, which are starting capacity index (CCA) unit ampere (A) and capacity index (C20) unit ampere hour (AH). Starting ability index, that is, under certain conditions, the starting current measured at low temperature starting current for 30 seconds and the battery voltage above 7.2V, reflects the performance of the battery. Capacity index, that is, the time taken for the set current to discharge continuously from full state to 10.5V, reflects the storage capacity of the battery.


    We should select the battery for diesel generators according to the starting current (CCA), not according to the capacity (AH). Diesel generator set is different from vehicle, because the main function of battery for diesel generator set is to ensure reliable starting. Therefore, the starting performance (CCA) value is the most important indicator of the battery for diesel generator set. The larger the starting performance (CCA) value is, the stronger the starting performance of the battery is. For example, Chongqing Cummins K38 series diesel engine only specifies the starting current (CCA) value of the battery required by the starting motor in different temperature ranges in its technical documents, but does not require the capacity (AH) of the battery.


    After you read this article, maybe you have known how to choose batteries for diesel generator set. If you sill have questions, maybe you can contact us, we will answer for you. Our factory diesel generator set is usually equipped with maintenance free batteries with battery charging line. Because maintenance free batteries are better than other types batteries. If you have purchase plan of diesel generator set, welcome to send us inquiry with your main specifications, we will send you price and technical specifications. We believe we can supply good product to you with our 43 years’ experiences.

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  • CNC Turning is a process that is used for precision machining to produce cylindrical components like hubs, rods, pulleys, etc., through metal cutting while using Computer Numerically Controlled lathes. CNC Lathe, a machine tool, is well programmed through well-known machine control units or computer-aided machining software. A machinist programs the software controlled machine and set the needed cutting tools to produce the final product according to the given technical drawing specifications.


    CNC Turning is the most simple and important process used for plastic machining. It is utilized where the precision tool generates materials after inserting the single cutter point into the material turning. The cutting procedure is executed through a cutting tool that is applied either at the right angle to the axis or parallel of the work piece. It is done through exercising pressure on the work piece or the weaker material to form the flexible shapes of the material. Sometimes through Computer Numerically Controlled lathe, the cut surface is formed by executing the helical feed as it results in rotation.


    The cutting tool is used until the precise depth and dimension is achieved. CNC Turning can be done on both sides, inside or outside as far as the needs and specifications require. Parts that are too large to balance and cause difficulty in rotating around one center point, are worked on a machining center featuring a U axis. The turning length is about 1000mm between centers with a speed range of 4,000 revolutions per minute and 46kW drive power.


    The CNC turning process cuts the plastic into various shapes like pointed, simple plain surface, tapered ends, contour, curve, fillet and radius profiles with threaded surface. These cut and turned pieces are used to create shafts, rods, bushes, pulleys and much more. This turning process applies well to the most rigid materials like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Brass, Teflon, Titanium, ABS, PVC, etc., that can be controlled with the software program tooling. The CNC turning is more economical than the CNC milling as it reduces the cost of production by minimizing the design elements. However, this also puts a limitation to the flexibility of designs.


    CNC turning has various advantages as the turning tools are said to deliver components at a faster production rate with optimum manufacturing accuracy. In fact, the automation of the CNC turning process allows reaching tight dimensional tolerances in every piece. Some more advantages include the high level of parts uniformity or consistency, attainment of optimum cycle times for all components and quick execution of larger volume. Example of parts made by CNC turning include Robot Parts, Shift knobs, Motorcycle Parts, Auto Parts, Toy Parts, Knobs, etc., And parts made through this process are used everywhere in metal industries, plastic industries and even in aerospace industries.


    Learning more cnc turned parts exporter, visit the website https://www.mq-machining.com/cnc-machining-parts 

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  • Are you considering upgrading the light bulbs in your home to newer, more energy efficient LED bulbs? Thanks to advances in LED technology, it is now possible to purchase bulbs that will fit in your existing lamps, sockets, and fixtures, and making LED bulb wholesale purchases is a great way to outfit all of your sockets while saving a great deal of money.


    DIRECTED lamps are usually swiftly turning into the typical regarding equally residence and also business lights. There are a selection regarding advantages for this kind of that most disect as a result of one particular fact- DIRECTED lights can be a excellent alternative. You'll find in which DIRECTED light bulbs give you a substantially top quality regarding mild with an increase of settings and also classification, and that they furthermore take in less vitality as compared to their particular incandescent counterparts.

    One more purpose that folks are usually needs to switch far from vitality successful CFL light bulbs will be which they consist of mercury. As the light bulbs crack and also shatter relatively effortlessly and also cleaning may be harmful, several are becoming cautious with the particular light bulbs. CFL light bulbs may also be against the law to be able to dump within your family rubbish or perhaps trying to recycle, and also need to as an alternative be used to be able to harmful spend services if they have got busted or perhaps are usually will no longer useful. For most inside tiny villages, this is remarkably challenging.

    Together with DIRECTED light bulbs, there's no mercury. Managing the particular light bulbs will be unbelievably risk-free, and also due to the fact they cannot perform simply by creating temperature, they may be also risk-free to deal with although they may be working. DIRECTED lamps work very cool, allowing these to previous a lot longer as compared to some other light bulbs. In reality, several DIRECTED lights provide an predicted living regarding 45, 000 hrs or maybe more. Once you obtain a great DIRECTED light from suppliers bunch, it is possible to acquire adequate lamps to be able to previous your property for decades.

    DIRECTED light from suppliers delivers must offer adequate light bulbs for each and every area inside the common residence and sometimes offer you adequate light bulbs regarding also greater properties and also organizations. Contemplating just how seldom these kinds of light bulbs must be swapped out, this is actually a really robust purchase. Getting from suppliers lets you help save substantially above acquiring light bulbs independently, and also if you are exchanging every one of the lamps in the residence or perhaps enterprise, the particular financial savings can easily mount up rapidly. Finding the time to take into account the countless great things about replacing the lamps to be able to LEDs is just any smart selection, and it's also a single that ought to be a fairly easy selection to produce.

    A great DIRECTED light from suppliers system will be a powerful way to improve your entire lights and never having to modify the sockets or perhaps put in fresh components. Even though many new properties have sockets specifically made regarding several types of DIRECTED lamps, present property owners have been right up until not too long ago up against the necessity to upgrade so that you can apply the particular engineering. Retrofitting present sockets with your new light bulbs basically is practical, and it's also a powerful way to lessen expenditures and also boost awareness although furthermore lowering the necessity regarding servicing as well as the hazards in which CFL light bulbs can easily create should they crack at home.

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  • Downlights are a favorite addition in many homes. They provide ample lighting in a space while giving that extra touch of elegance and design enhancement. These fixtures are perfect for homes and establishments looking for a fast and economical way to spruce up their interiors without the usual lighting options.



    The particular stringed regarding rewards to be able to putting in downlights contains: toughness and also life span warrantee, optimized strength supervision and lastly, cosmetic charm. DIRECTED lights is manufactured on the market as a result of the particular increasing variety of suppliers just like Eguide and also InLEDs, which generate many different accessories coming from components for instance metal, arsenic, stone, silicon as well as other related parts.


    Not merely are usually they will advertised in many different components yet they're also for sale in many colors just like white, white-colored, yellowish, and also reddish, in order to identify a couple of. The number of choices are usually countless sufficient reason for shade alternatives that helps it be better to totally modify the DIRECTED lights create in any manner an individual you should. Mild producing diodes will be what makes DIRECTED lights distinctive from the normal lights methods in which simply entail filtration systems. When compared to the common kinds, the full run Directed will be able to producing many illuminations at one time. The particular adaptable and also variable dynamics with the LEDs is manufactured achievable simply by their particular bare minimum strength syndication characteristics, which usually identify these from your typical platform.

    Vitality Saver

    There's no lights construction up to now that will take on the particular the best possible energy-saving capabilities regarding LEDs. Fluorescent accessories are usually identified undertake a highest life regarding 20 thousands of functioning hrs which can be a lesser amount of compared to the 2 hundred thousands of hrs highest life with the DIRECTED lights products.

    Moreover scientific studies demonstrate that method generates a smaller amount temperature, hence rendering it best inside vitality efficiency. Which means several masters with the method can easily decide away from air-conditioning products or perhaps related venting methods necessary to lower the particular temperatures in the area. Their particular excellent level of resistance in opposition to outside aspects tends to make these best; the identical is usually to be mentioned for lower servicing capacity. In comparison to some other lights frameworks, downlights manufactured from DIRECTED usually do not demand continual substitute or perhaps power servicing.

    Built to produce a smaller amount temperature also to lower the energy use around sixty percent, DIRECTED lights aids lessen tremendously the particular electric powered intake, consequently lowering the particular utility bills. Which means an individual extends to take pleasure in a lot more financial savings as well as the funds that ought to be used on large electrical energy may be put in in other places.

    Friendly to the environment

    Apart from creating a smaller amount temperature that will enhance atmospheric ailments and also international warming up, DIRECTED accessories are usually green largely because of the not enough mercury articles. Fluorescent as well as other lights products proceed through any producing method that requires the particular introduction regarding mercury, which usually brings about carbon dioxide emission inside the ambiance, a thing that LEDs plainly would not have.


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  • Diani is a lovely place with various attractions as well as fabulous scenes which will enhance your experience. One of such is the Diani beach which is a major beach resort in the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It is located 30 kilometres south of Mombasa, in the nearby Kwale County. Because of the lovely experience many people aim to buy apartment in Diani so as to have easy access to the beach and many other scenes.


    Elegant properties are a reputable, registered and reliable company in Kenya which helps with the sales of apartments in Nairobi so as to ensure their availability to anyone who intend to live in Diani. The company has various properties in different locations in Diani thereby making it easy to choose the type of property as well as environment which you desire.


    In addition to the provision of suitable property to each client, elegant properties likewise ensure all the necessary facilities are present within the property so that the new occupant won’t have to buy anything or go through any kind of stress. This is why elegant properties is leading among its pairs. Most of our clients are super satisfied with our service and you’ll definitely be proud of our property in Nairobi. What are you waiting for? Visit www.elegantproperties.co.ke today and have your share of the amazing apartments.

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